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Ottawa Rideau Medium
Jun 1

This is How Canada Talks

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From pop to toque, cottage to pencil crayon, it turns out that there is a surprising amount of diversity within Canada when it comes to how we talk and the words that we use. We surveyed ten thousand Canadians to see how we talk around the country.

Winnipeg Jets Fan Misery
Apr 26

The Most Miserable Sports City – 2018 Edition

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Sports curses have been dropping like flies in recent years. First it was the Cleveland Cavaliers, who exorcised their city’s sports demons with a dramatic come-from-behind series win in 2016 against the seemingly unstoppable Golden State Warriors. Later that year, it was the Chicago Cubs — perhaps the most sad-sack sports franchise of the 20th … Continue reading The Most Miserable Sports City – 2018 Edition