Follow The Data:
Election Edition

Canadian House Of Commons

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Some election analysis to begin this week’s roundup:

Slicing and Dicing the New Parliament

Interactive visualization showing the vitals of the new House of Commons. [Maclean’s]

First Past the Post vs Proportional Representation

What would the new House of Commons look like if Canada used proportional representation rather than a first-past-the-post voting system? [National Post]

Visualizing the Changing House of Commons

A series of simple data visualizations show how control of seats flowed between parties as a result of the election. [Toronto Star]

Google Searches Predict Election Better than Polls Do

Leading up to election day, search interest in the party leaders closely mimicked final election results, and appeared to outperform most polls. [Huffington Post Canada]

Other data stories that caught our eye:

Colour coding TO’s buildings

Mesmerizing map colour codes Toronto’s buildings by height. Easy to spot: Queen’s Park. A little trickier: the Quantum Towers in midtown. [BlogTO]

Don’t Trust Fandango’s Ratings

Fandango’s movie ratings appear artificially inflated across-the-board due to some pretty basic rounding errors in their algorithms. No, Avengers: Age of Ultron was not that good! [Five Thirty Eight]

The best (and worst) places to live in Toronto

A fun map and ranking of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, based on factors like crime, shopping, entertainment and schools. Yonge & Eglinton (#1) and Casa Loma (#2) top the list. Proximity to subways and castles is very important, apparently. [Toronto Life]

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