Follow The Data:
Volume 2

Northern Lights

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Does the Canadian-Designed Ebola Vaccine Work?

Given the precipitous drop in new Ebola cases in West Africa, it has become extremely difficult — from a statistical perspective — to determine whether a promising Canadian-designed Ebola vaccine even works. Both a good (for the present), and bad (for the future), problem to have. [Macleans]

CRA Makes Paying Taxes Even More Painful

An understaffed Canada Revenue Agency cannot keep up with the demand for phone support, forcing 7 in 10 callers to call back after receiving a busy signal. [National Post]

Forecasting the Northern Lights

Daily-updated map shows the best regions for viewing the Aurora Borealis (happening now!) across Canada and the Northern US. Why does these weather maps all look like they were made in the 80s? [University of Alaska Fairbanks]

How Torontonians Spend Their Money

Toronto Life’s fascinating Cost of Living column, examining how citizens at every income level make and spend their money. [Toronto Life]

Most Trusted Brands in Canada

A touchy-feely collection of comfort foods (Campbell’s Soup, Tim Hortons), Canadian sentimental favourites (Canadian Tire, Canada Post), and international tech behemoths (Google). [Globe and Mail]

Food Insecurity in Nunavut

Heartbreaking profile reveals that 7 in 10 Nunavut preschoolers live in homes that are food-insecure. [The Atlantic]

Mapping Winnipeg’s Urban Development

Useful (but admittedly clunky) map highlights new infrastructure projects around Winnipeg. [Speak Up Winnipeg]

The Elite 8

Forecasting whizzes Five Thirty Eight offer their predictions for the champion of the Women’s World Cup (being played in Canada) from among the eight remaining nations. The favourites? Germany and the USA, each with about a 30% shot. Canada sits in 4th with an 8% chance. [Five Thirty Eight]

Mapping Global Terrorism

Heatmap shows locations of terrorist attacks around the world from the past 30 years. [Google Maps Mania]

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